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Construction Contracts - getting paid quickly GPQ

Jackson McDonald’s online adjudication application tool - Get Paid Quick / GPQ - is an easy to use online program which will generate a draft adjudication application pursuant to the Construction Contracts Act 2004 (WA).

It is the first step in launching an adjudication.  

In a recent survey we did of our construction contacts 60% of respondents said they did not bother chasing unpaid invoices using adjudication because they didn’t understand the process, or it was too difficult, or too expensive or too time consuming.  

GPQ solves those problems because.

  1. It's an easy to use online application form. You complete the form in your own time.. 
  2. No legal knowledge is required by you. We check the details you input before the adjudication process starts.
  3. Low Cost. Our fees are deliberately kept low, and are calculated by reference to the value of your claim (up to a cap).
  4. Price certainty. The price is fixed and does not change.  It covers the adjudicator appointment (but not adjudicator's fees) and all other disbursements.  
  5. Gives you confidence - your application will only proceed once our experienced team of construction lawyers review your application, check your documents and, with your final approval, start the process.
  6. Speed - 20 business days after the process starts you should obtain a determination saying how much the other party has to pay you.

It doesn’t matter if you are a small building business or a large construction company.

It doesn’t matter if your contract is written or oral.

You can use GPQ as long as:

  • you have a contract to do construction work in WA;
  • you have submitted a claim for payment for contract work or varied work (or liquidated damages or defect rectification costs);
  • your payment claim has been rejected or not paid (this triggers a 'payment dispute');
  • you are within 90 business days of the payment dispute date;
  • no other Court, Arbitrator, or Adjudicator has made a decision on your payment dispute.

If you haven’t been paid for work you have done then GPQ is the tool you need to get paid quick.

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